Logos Biosystems Announces Change of Business Name to Aligned Genetics

August 31, 2020

Logos Biosystems Announces Change of Business Name to Aligned Genetics 

Logos Biosystems, a leading provider of innovative life science tools, has recently announced that it will be operating under a new name, Aligned Genetics, Inc., effective immediately. This re-branding initiative reflects the company’s growing business and plans to expand into the molecular diagnostics industry.

“The COVID pandemic has shown us that the need for rapid and accurate near-patient and point of care testing will only accelerate at a faster rate than prior to the crisis.” “Aligned Genetics better represents our mission to serve society by strengthening our leading biomedical research portfolio, while adding innovative molecular diagnostic solutions that can detect, help prevent and potentially cure diseases,” said Neon Jung, CEO of the Aligned Genetics. “Our first product to be released in 2021, Genescale®, provides the faster diagnostic test results and amplifies our expertise in technology convergence.“

Logos Biosystems will remain as a brand under Aligned Genetics dedicated to serving and supporting researchers seeking to improve our health and well-being. 

About Aligned Genetics, Inc.: Headquartered in Anyang, South Korea. Two branch offices in the US (Annandale, VA) and France (Villeneuve d’Ascq).

Aligned Genetics owns the life science product brand Logos Biosystems. Its product range includes LUNA™ series automatic cell counters, CELENA® digital cell imaging system and X-CLARITY™ tissue removal system for 3D imaging of tissue samples.