Aligned Genetics is a global leader in cellular imaging and biomolecular analysis. We are dedicated to improving human health by ‘seeing beyond the cell’. Since 2010, its predecessor Logos Biosystems, has pushed the boundaries of research and discovery with its award-winning life science solutions. The impact of these high-quality products can be seen in life sciences, neurology, cell biology, bioprocessing, oncology, agriculture, environmental sciences and many other areas of research. It is this level of quality that Logos Biosystems earned the support and respect of scientists and researchers around the globe.

In 2020, to better represent the combined efforts between the life sciences portfolio and the new molecular diagnostics solutions, Logos Biosystems changed its name to Aligned Genetics. However, the core culture has not changed; it is still based around an ethos of fostering communication, encouraging the exchange of ideas and promoting individuals that reflect the same determination to provide cutting-edge technology for cellular imaging and biomolecular analysis.





To improve human health by ‘seeing beyond the cell’ and to serve society by providing superior diagnostic solutions for the advancement of research and development efforts around the world.

The cornerstone of Aligned Genetics’ innovative products is based on bio-convergence technology. This technology platform synergizes our expertise in basic biology and medicine with our core competencies in optics, automation, software, and product design. The driving force behind all of our product development efforts include speed, accuracy, ease-of-use, and efficiency.

Moving forward, we will now be able to elevate our position in the cellular imaging and biomolecular analysis field by utilizing the established portfolio of Logos Biosystems. This line-up of exceptional diagnostic solutions include a line of award-winning automated cell counters, automated digital imaging systems, and biological tissue clearing systems used in basic and applied research applications.

Applied Genetics’ core competency has been centered around the GENESCALE, an ultracompact, on-site molecular diagnostic instrument. The GENESCALE, utilizes a small cartridge that requires minimal handling and contains the entire sample processing workflow from nucleic acid extraction through detection. It merges the best of both product portfolios and exemplifies the technological expertise that makes Applied Genetics a cut above the rest.



Aligned Genetics seeks to continue to grow our global presence and market share in the life sciences and molecular diagnostics markets by strengthening our leading biomedical research portfolio and creating innovative molecular diagnostic solutions.  We are passionate about improving the well-being of the global community by developing the tools that enable researchers and medical professionals to better understand, detect, prevent, and ultimately cure disease.